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29, June 2017

Inkjet Printing Basics CIJ vs DOD

When conceptualizing inkjet technology, it is incredibly easy because it is essentially a digitally controlled ejection of drops of fluid from a print head onto a film or substrate. The manner in which the ejection happens, varies in two primary ways. The first being industrial inkjet, and is most commonly referred to as CIJ orRead More …

15, June 2017

Inkjet Printing Technologies

After the 1990’s inkjet had worked its way into nearly all households through its printing presence in consumer benchtop printers as a low cost, reliable, fast, and convenient method for printing anything from digital files, photos, or screen shots. It has come a significant distance since its advent in the 1950s, in commercial products suchRead More …

13, June 2017


Pardon our mess, we are currently remodeling out website. Check back this week for news and updates regarding Thermal transfer printing. Our expert staff is preparing a fantastic article about the fundamentals of thermal transfer printing, as well as improving chemical resistance of the THT print. From there, we will have our most senior staffRead More …